Quick Opening Closure (Q.O.C.) and accessory components for Oil & Gas

V-Lock Srl borns from the twenty years experience of two companies leader in the construction of plant and equipment for the treatment of gaseous fluids and petroleum products.
The need to fully meet the customer’s request pushes the starting of V-Lock project , company who designs and manufactures any type of Quick Opening Closure.

For the purposes of frequent maintenance of the various types of Pressure Vessels here are the most common applications of our Quick Opening Closures:

Our internal structure is able to ensure the highest standards of design and quality control by skilled operators for non-destructive testing MT-PT-UT VT-RX-II Lev. SNT TC 1A.

V-Lock Quick Opening Closures are calculated in accordance with the relevant regulations of the vessel, mainly according to cod. ASME VIII div. 1 and with the possibility of the code PED 97/23/EC application.

Our experience and operational capacity enables us to provide the Q.O.C. Partial "U-Stamp" certification on demand.

V-Lock Italia Srl

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Fields of application

The Q.O.C. mainly replace the classic blind flanges and give the opportunity to the customer to speed up the opening / closing of the vessel; for this reason, although they are individually designed, they follow the application range of ASME B 16.5.

V-Lock Italia S.r.l. has specific experience in a range from 2 "to 72" with Pressure Rating up to 2500 and temperature from -46 ° C to +315 ° C.


Technical Division

Our technical department is able to ensure the highest standards of design and quality control by skilled operators for non-destructive testing MT-PT-UT VT-RX-II Lev. SNT TC 1A.

The design phase is performed by our internal with specific calculation software and through CAD technical.



Our Q.O.C. can be made in forged carbon steel (SA105 / SA 350LF2 etc..) Or forged Stainless Steel.
We are also able to make special Quick Opening Closures: with overlay welding (for example.: In SS316, SS304, Inconel 625, Incoloy 825, and others) on the surfaces in contact with the process fluid.

Our production is divided into 3 main types:

- Threaded Quick Opening Closure
- Quick Opening Closure with double CLAMP and single operating rod
- Quick Opening Closure with sector locking system

Our flexibility allows us to meet the customer’s needs for any possible customization.


Operating organization

V-Lock Italia S.r.l. has a production plant in Rho (Milan), and is equipped with modern and efficient machines:

- N° 1 Automatic punching machine
- N° 1 Manual punching machine
- N° 1 Metalwork cutting machine
- N° 1 Automatic bandsaw
- N° 1 Manual bandsaw
- N° 1 Press brake 70 Ton
- N° 1 Press brake 15 Ton
- N° 1 Cutter 10mm
- N° 1 Aluminum welding station
- N° 2 Stations TIG-SMAW-GTAW with positioner
- N° 1 plasma cutting desk
- N° 1 Tapping column
- N° 2 Drill press
- N° 1 Parallel lathe

Our staff have qualifications in welding ASME / EN both for Carbon Steel that for Stainless Steel.

Our Products

Double Clamp installation
Sector type installation
Sector type installation
Sector type installation